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5 Tips For Crafting The Perfect EMail
By: Luke Perea

How much have you thought about e-mail marketing lately?

Branding Matters
By: Silvia Mahoney

It’s all about you.

Is the Subscription Model Dead?
By: Silvia Mahoney

Et tu, Subscriber?

A Wall Street Journal article written a couple years after the recession hit hinted that the subscription model was close to meetings its end. That pronouncement was understandable given that subscriptions require a commitment of discretionary income that was no longer available to many. It’s been nearly 8 years since the recession, one that took its toll on the arts industry, and it’s worth asking: is the subscription model dead? A quick Google search of “theatre subscriptions” returns page after page of theaters still offering subscriptions. Such extensive and reassuring results begs the question of whether or not the model was truly on its death bed after all.

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