5 Tips For Crafting The Perfect EMail

  Marketing 5 Tips For Crafting The Perfect EMail

How much have you thought about e-mail marketing lately?

The growth of social media has made it difficult to keep your message from getting lost among all the digital noise. Consequently, it’s become imperative to find ways of reaching your patrons without having to compete with news feeds, notifications, etc. According to McKinsey & Company, e-mail is nearly 40 times more effective than social media for creating new customers. Not surprisingly, e-mail as a marketing tool is making a comeback, and with that in mind perhaps it’s time for you to review (or maybe even revive) your e-mail marketing efforts.

Here are 5 tips to help craft that perfect e-mail

  1. Write Fast - When you write fast, your e-mail will sound genuine. You don’t edit yourself when you’re talking to colleagues or friends, and that approach will serve you well in making sure your message is coming across as you intend. (Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t proofread your e-mail before sending it.)

  2. Make It Personal - Your patrons want to feel special, so be sure to personalize your e-mails. Referring to your patrons by name and using a word like “You” will only help engage your patrons. Additionally, make sure that your message is being sent to the right people. Successful e-mail marketing doesn’t involve taking a scattershot approach. A message designed for a targeted audience will yield you the greatest results.

  3. Generate FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) - Highlighting what your patrons will be missing if they do not act quickly will help instill a sense of urgency in them – no one wants to be left out!

  4. Call To Action - Make your call to action clear and concise. Tell your patrons what they should do, and how they should do it. For example, including a button in your email that initiates the ticket purchasing process and having that button read, “Buy Your Tickets Now.”

  5. Warm Closing - Leave your patrons with the warm and fuzzies by closing your e-mail with “Best Wishes” or “Warm Regards” instead of something generic.

Bonus Tip

I know I said 5 tips, but I’m sure you won’t mind one more.

E-mail continues to be an important weapon in your marketing arsenal. We’ve certainly seen an increase in the use of our e-mail marketing program by our clients. Hopefully these tips will help you jump-start your next e-mail marketing campaign.

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