The Beginners Guide to Online Ticket Sale Payments

  Ecommerce The Beginners Guide to Online Ticket Sale Payments

Before you’re ready to start selling tickets online, you’ll need a way to process credit cards. If you’re not opting to use Tix’s merchant account for credit card processing, you’ll need two things to process online payments:

  1. An eCommerce merchant account
  2. An account with a payment gateway

Many merchants have difficulty understanding the difference between these two things and typically aren’t familiar with how a payment gateway works to process payments. To help empower Tix users, we want to demystify online payments by answering common questions and breaking down the entire online payment process.

What is an eCommerce merchant account?

An eCommerce merchant account is simply a term for a bank account that allows for the direct transfer of funds from a credit card transaction. Your merchant account can be set up directly with your bank and is the account where your ticket revenue will be deposited when your payment gateway batches out your payments.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an application that authorizes, captures, and settles online payments. To put it simply, your payment gateway handles the multi-step process of checking to make sure your customers have sufficient funds in their bank account for the amount they’re purchasing. Your gateway also handles putting these funds on hold in your customer’s bank account and sending the funds to your merchant account.

It’s important to note that Tix does not store any credit card information or handle any type of payment authorization. We simply pass the information on to your payment gateway through a secure SSL encryption, and your gateway handles the rest.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how a payment gateway handles credit card transactions, Authorize.net (one of the largest payment gateways) has a short and sweet video that runs down the entire process.

Things to consider

If you have any questions about integrating your gateway account with Tix, please contact us directly.

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