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How To Successfully Adopt A New Event Ticketing System
By: Iris Pechenik

To some organizations, adopting a new ticketing system can seem like a daunting task. Between upfront costs, potential hiccups, and the time and resources spent retraining your staff (as well as your patrons), there are numerous reasons why switching your ticketing system can feel intimidating, even flat out impossible. The truth of the matter is a smooth transition is an easily attainable goal, and it can be reached through three simple steps- pinpointing current problems, proper planning, and positive thinking.

Why Your Organization Absolutely Needs To Be Using Snapchat
By: Luke Perea

I’ll give you 6 billion reasons why. Six Billion is how many video views a day all of Snapchat receives. Putting that number into perspective, YouTube averages around 4 billion. That’s right, the world’s largest video site is seeing less video views than Snapchat.

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