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Using Square with Tix Event Ticketing
By: Iris Pechenik

Looking for an easy way to sell tickets using Square? Look no further than Tix! Our simple integration with Square allows you to sell tickets through Tix while using a Square card reader to process your customers’ credit card payments.

How To Build Customer Loyalty Through Reliable Data Collection
By: Iris Pechenik

Can a single-ticket buyer be converted into a member or donor simply through effective communication? The answer is a resounding yes, but you may have a difficult time doing so if you don’t have all the information you need. In order to cultivate a loyal patron, you need a clear understanding of their history with your organization- this can include past events attended, types of tickets or packages purchased, and discounts or promotions they may have used. Even the most basic pieces of info can be crucial, especially when you’re trying to build a long lasting relationship with your visitors.

Is the Subscription Model Dead?
By: Silvia Mahoney

Et tu, Subscriber?

A Wall Street Journal article written a couple years after the recession hit hinted that the subscription model was close to meetings its end. That pronouncement was understandable given that subscriptions require a commitment of discretionary income that was no longer available to many. It’s been nearly 8 years since the recession, one that took its toll on the arts industry, and it’s worth asking: is the subscription model dead? A quick Google search of “theatre subscriptions” returns page after page of theaters still offering subscriptions. Such extensive and reassuring results begs the question of whether or not the model was truly on its death bed after all.

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