Using Square with Tix Event Ticketing

  Box Office Using Square with Tix Event Ticketing

Looking for an easy way to sell tickets using Square? Look no further than Tix! Our simple integration with Square allows you to sell tickets through Tix while using a Square card reader to process your customers’ credit card payments.

Square is a well-known payment processing service that allows you to process credit cards using a smartphone or tablet. With an easy setup process, reliable hardware, and name recognition in the payment industry, Square is a great option for seamlessly processing in-person or online credit card transactions.

Configuring your Square account to work with Tix is simple! Tix staff will help connect your Square to and Tix accounts and make sure the two platforms are communicating properly. Once your accounts are connected, Tix will hand off to the Square app when it comes time to run the customer’s credit card. Once the transaction is complete, Square will redirect back to Tix so you can continue selling more tickets. If you’re interested in using Square and don’t already have a Square card reader, we recommend using any of the following:

Have questions? Ready to get started? Get in touch with a Tix representative today to learn more about using Square and all of the ways Tix can help make your events a success! contact us directly.

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