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Using Square with Tix Event Ticketing
By: Iris Pechenik

Looking for an easy way to sell tickets using Square? Look no further than Tix! Our simple integration with Square allows you to sell tickets through Tix while using a Square card reader to process your customers’ credit card payments.

The Beginners Guide to Online Ticket Sale Payments
By: Iris Pechenik

Before you’re ready to start selling tickets online, you’ll need a way to process credit cards. If you’re not opting to use Tix’s merchant account for credit card processing, you’ll need two things to process online payments:

13 Free Tools For Non Profit Organizations
By: Iris Pechenik

If you run a non-profit organization, you may be unaware of some of the resources that are available to you. With the list of free (or highly discounted) services for non-profits growing every year thanks to the rapid expansion of cloud-based and online solutions, there’s no reason that your limited funding should hold back your organization’s success.

How To Combat Counterfeit Tickets
By: Iris Pechenik

Picture this: you’re waiting in line to go see your favorite band. Tickets have been sold out for weeks, but you found a pair of tickets online and, without thinking, you purchased them before someone else could. After waiting patiently you finally get to the door, but when your ticket is scanned the unthinkable happens- your ticket is invalid!

How To Successfully Adopt A New Event Ticketing System
By: Iris Pechenik

To some organizations, adopting a new ticketing system can seem like a daunting task. Between upfront costs, potential hiccups, and the time and resources spent retraining your staff (as well as your patrons), there are numerous reasons why switching your ticketing system can feel intimidating, even flat out impossible. The truth of the matter is a smooth transition is an easily attainable goal, and it can be reached through three simple steps- pinpointing current problems, proper planning, and positive thinking.

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