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Giving at Dillard Center for the Arts

Ways To Support

By sponsoring Dillard Center for the Arts (DCA) with a donation, you enable us to continue to provide quality arts education, entertainment, and community focused programs that support our mission.  In return, you will be prominently promoted throughout Broward County as an official sponsor.

Dillard Center for the Arts is Broward County's exclusive and premiere high school magnet program that strives to provide unique and extraordinary artistic experiences for our students by augmenting the school’s budget with private funds. These funds come from private citizens, corporations and foundations who realize that sound financial investments should be made in schools such as Dillard Center for the Arts, where high returns are generated for the community.

Corporate Giving

Corporate/Business and community support is invaluable to our program, as it provides the future artist of tomorrow the opportunity to gain the types of extra ordinary experiences that students with a deep passion for studying at a Visual & Performing Arts Magnet school should receive. Cash and in-kind support from sponsors help to bridge the gap between what the public school system can provide and the actual resources our students need to be prepared for success either in college or in the professional world. Whatever your business does, we probably have a program or event that could use it.

There are two ways you can sponsor an event or program:

• Provide a cash donation to underwrite the expenses of our shows and events.
• Provide in-kind product, such as food, supplies, costumes, sound equipment, media time or in-kind service, such as graphic designers, photographers, and printing.

To review the benefits each contribution level offers in detail please visit

Dillard Center for the Arts appreciates and values your generosity. Please use the form below to make a tax-deductible cash or in-kind contribution to Dillard Center for the Arts. 

Playbill Advertising Campaigns

We invite you to prominently promote your product or service by placing an ad in our office DCA Programs and Playbills that each patron receives when attending a production.  This exposes your product or service to a demographic that affords you the opportunity to meet your goals and objectives.  


In-Kind Sponsorship Packages

Your company can feature strongly at Dillard Center for the Arts Productions simply by the sponsorship of required services and donations of goods and services. The recognition and benefits are similar as for direct sponsors.  In---Kind donations include, but are not limited to: Printing Services/Materials, Graphic Design, Food, Beverages, PR Services/Materials, T---Shirt Printing/Materials; Raffle and Silent Auction Items.

The value of your in-kind sponsorship will be recognized in a similar way as all other sponsor packages:

• $3000 Sponsorship Contribution
• $2000 Sponsorship Contribution
• $1000 Sponsorship Contribution
•$500 Sponsorship Contribution
•$300 Sponsorship Contribution

Food & Beverage Sponsorship

Your donation of food and beverages for receptions or Gala events help to enhance the presentation of events at Dillard Center for the Arts.

Printer Sponsorship

Your contribution to designing and/or printing official Dillard Center for the Arts program material such as Playbills and Concert Programs allows your company to shine as a major contributor to our productions. In addition, your contribution to designing and/or printing our promotional materials for our productions is extremely valuable.

Merchandise/Apparel Sponsorship

Increase your brand exposure by featuring your brand on apparel and merchandise distributed or sold in relationship to all of our major productions (Minimum 5 per season) displaying your support of Arts Education to thousands of arts patrons.

Media Sponsorship

Your contribution of media air time or print space demonstrates your support of arts education and also helps to promote the work of Dillard Center for the Arts, increasing the promotion of our productions in an effort to provide a sizable and enthusiastic audience of arts patrons for the future artist of tomorrow.