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Box Office Software

Tix provides box office software solutions as well as integrated online ticketing services.

There are many benefits to using our web-based box office software for your event ticket sales, including:


When using our online box office software you benefit from our fully integrated ticket sales software that shares the same real-time database with your online ticket sales. There's no need to allocate specific seats for online and offline ticket sales.

Reduce Hardware Costs

By using our hosted ticketing service, there's no need to purchase and maintain expensive servers and firewalls. All you need is a computer with Internet access.

Reduce Software Costs

When using Tix, the software resides on our servers. You simply access it through a standard Internet browser. This means there is no software to purchase and maintain when using our event software.

Real-Time Credit Card Processing

Our box office ticketing system includes integrated real-time credit card processing. Using our ticketing software, there's no need to process credit card manually through a separate terminal. This can result in significant time savings for those organizations currently processing credit cards through a stand-alone terminal. Our ticket system can also support credit card swiping by adding an inexpensive credit card reader to your computer. There's no need to continue leasing expensive credit card terminals.

Ticket Printing

Our box office system interfaces with most purpose-built ticket printers including Boca Systems, Practical Automations, and DataMax. This enables you to print tickets on-site just as you would using a stand-alone box office system.

Customizable Real-Time Reports

Our box office software enables you to view real-time custom reporting for both online ticket sales and box office ticket sales from any location with Internet access.


Tix's box office software allows you to sell tickets from any location with Internet access. You're no longer limited to a single location for your ticket sales.

Easy to Use

Our box office software is easy to use. Most of our clients begin using it with no training at all. For online ticket sales, it's crucial that a ticketing system is easy to use. Your customers must be able to purchase tickets online without any assistance or training. We've kept this same philosophy in mind when designing our box office system. Your staff will find it friendly and intuitive. Most of our clients use our box office services without any training at all.


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