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E-Ticket and Print at Home Ticketing

Tix supports the latest in ticketing. Allow your customers to print their own E-Tickets at home.
E-Ticketing/Print at Home Ticketing provides many benefits, including:

Cost Savings

Reduce the costs associated with printing and mailing tickets to your ticket buyers. Eliminate or reduce the need for ticket stock, envelopes and postage.

Labor Savings

Reduce the labor associated with printing and mailing tickets. Cut down on the effort required to retrieve tickets for Will Call pick up orders.

Safe and Secure

E-Tickets are safe and secure. Barcode validation eliminates the possibility of counterfeit and duplicate tickets.

Actual Attendance Reporting

Find out how many of your e-ticket patrons attended your event and when they arrived.

Instant Delivery

Ticket buyers love being able to print their tickets immediately. There's no need to wait for the mail or wait in line at the event. Customers can print their electronic tickets immediately after they purchase them. This makes e-tickets ideal for the last minute gift or the last minute decision.

Additional Information

E-Tickets provide space for additional useful information such as street maps, driving directions, and other information your customers may need to know.


E-Tickets provide unique advertising capabilities. Increase your organization's revenues by offering advertising space on your web ticket.


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